About Us

F5 refresh was founded by a group of professional entrepreneurs and this upcoming reverse engineering company is based out of Chennai, Tamilnadu. F5 refresh primarily focusses on refurbishing the used IT products like Desktops, Laptops, Mobile devices and Peripherals. F5 refresh also refurbish electronics items like refrigerator, washing machine, Air coolers and other electronics. F5 refresh motivated by Go Green ideology, promotes cost effective and eco-friendly refurbished product adoption which undergoes sequence of quality checks by our expert team and deliver to the customers with 100% trust and professionalism.

In addition to refurbishment of individual machines, we also offer refurbishment of entire process where we redesign, engineer, procure and execute the entire set of machines and related accessories. We provide warranty for the works that we execute and give unmatched post-execution services.

F5 Refresh is an entity of ITX Solutions. If you are looking for safe and secure electronic waste recycling services to dispose your E-waste, ITX solution would be the right professionals to get in touch with.

Products We Handle



Mobile Devices

Air coolers


Washing machine

Our Services

Refurbishing Desktops

Refurbishing Laptops

Refurbishing Mobile devices

Refurbishing Air coolers

Refurbishing Refrigerators & Washing machine

Refurbishing Other electronics


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